History of Jarlin Cabinetry

Jarlin Cabinetry started in 2005 as a retail storefront in Davie, Florida. After a quick success and great praise from customers, Jarlin Cabinetry was supplying wholesalers by 2007. As the business grew, Jarlin Cabinetry had to move and find bigger warehouses every year, due to the increased demand. Since selling direct to consumers, Jarlin Cabinetry was able to gain perspective on what the customers needed and wanted. With feedback from customers, and having high expectations, Jarlin Cabinetry had an idea to manufacture our own cabinetry to meet our standards as well as our customers' standards.

In 2009, Jarlin Cabinetry started a quality control team to make sure the manufacturers were able to meet our standards. As the demand kept growing, Jarlin Cabinetry opened the California warehouse in 2016, as well as in 2017, opened the California branch to fulfill the demand on the west coast. With the tariffs and anti-dumping laws in place during these times, Jarlin Cabinetry still wanted to provide our customers with high-quality cabinetry for low prices. Which led Jarlin Cabinetry to build and start a cabinetry factory in Mexico. With all the feedback as a retailer, wholesaler, and now manufacturer, Jarlin Cabinetry knows exactly what the customers want and need.

Jarlin Cabinetry is continuously growing as we open our newest distribution center in Texas in 2021.